Scanning Probe Microscope designed for easy integration into the Electron Microscopes.

The combination of complementary SPM and SEM techniques enables to use the advantages of both commonly used microscopy techniques.



Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy

Correlative microscopy is an approach that benefits from the imaging of the same object by two different techniques.

Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy (CPEM) has been developed for application using Correlative Imaging (patent pending) and brings the solution, which synchronizes:

  • the scanned area
  • resolution and image distortion
  • and enables to correlate both acquired SPM and SEM images in real time

NenoVision introduces CPEM technology

CPEM technology is the first of its kind on the market to allow measurement of SPM and SEM in the same place and at the same time using the same coordination system.

SEM technology

SEM technology

Scanning sample by means of electrons for 2D analysis.

SPM technology

SPM technology

Scanning sample by means of a physical probe.

CPEM technology

CPEM technology

Combines both techniques and provides unique correlative imaging.

CPEM technology

CPEM enables simultaneous surface characterization of one area by SEM and SPM at the same time and in the same coordination system.

Simultaneous scanning with known constant off­set and identical resolution ensures that the analysis is performed on the same surface and can be used directly for on­line imaging via our NenoView software.

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