LiteScope Wins Gold Medal!

We’ve won a prestigious gold medal at the 58th International Engineering Fair in Brno. One reason for the plaudits is that our innovation was created as a result of cooperation between a research institution and a company. But the win itself is based on NenoVision’s offer of an entirely new measuring technology, one that allows images from a traditional electron microscope and supplementary atomic microscope to overlay one another, thanks to the NenoView software.


You can get an image magnified a million times when scanning a sample using an electron microscope. But until now scientists had to use a different microscope if they needed information on the roughness, i.e. depth, of a sample. This method was quite time consuming. The LiteScope machine technically improves the electron microscope so that it can provide data from the both types of microscopes simultaneously – a unique advantage. "This technology can certainly help make new discoveries. It is a great innovation to use several techniques for scanning at the same time,” enthused about the project Jiří Nováček, who heads a microscope laboratory at one of the scientific institutions in Brno.

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