NenoView naturally communicate with Gwyddion software

The NenoView software that allows to fully control the setup measurements, data acquisition and data processing from LiteScope takes advantage of cooperation with developers of a widely used modular program for SPM data visualization and analysis, Gwyddion.


The NenoView not only uses the Gwyddion format to work with files, but we also incorporate Gwyddion libraries into the NenoView. The cooperation with Gwyddion programmers allows us to influence the natural compatibility with one of the most used sofftware for the processing of the SPM images.

NenoView has several further advantages like

  • operation via web browser, no installations, easy remote control from tablet and mobile phones
  • software tools for the correllative microscopy, CPEM imaging in 3D view
  • wi-fi/ethernet communication between NenoBox electronic and PC