NenoVision Webinar Series on Correlative AFM in SEM

We would like to invite you to our webinar series where the key elements of our technology will be demonstrated and explained. Don't forget to register!


You will have a chance to:

✓  Explore the key features of LiteScope™, its application areas, and measurement modes.
✓   Gain a comprehensive overview of the advantages that LiteScope brings to correlative AFM in SEM measurements.
✓   Discuss your application and meet our experts online.

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Webinars start from 18/6/2020 in weekly intervals. Save the dates!

1. LiteScope overview - merge the forces of AFM and SEM (approx 90 min) 

18/6/2020 10:00 CEST (with J. Očadlík, J. Horák, and V. Hegrová)


2. Online coffee breaks with NenoVision (approx 20 min each)

  • 25/6/2020 10:00 CEST- CPEM technology – next step in correlative imaging (with J. Horák and V. Hegrová)
  • 2/7/2020   10:00 CEST- Applications for 2D materials (with J. Horák and V. Hegrová)
  • 9/7/2020   10:00 CEST- Advantages of combining AFM with FIB-SEM systems (with J. Horák and V. Hegrová)
  • 16/7/2020 10:00 CEST- Measurement tutorial with LiteScope (with J. Horák and V. Hegrová)

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