New application note! In-situ AFM analysis of FIB etched nanostructures

We are happy to inform you that we have prepared a new application note for you. Its name is In-situ AFM analysis of FIB etched nanostructures. Read about the key LiteScope™ advantages for FIB applications!


Our LiteScope is a compact and modular atomic force microscope (AFM) specially designed for integration into FIB-SEM systems. FIB-SEM system combines SEM imaging with surface modification by a focused ion beam. Such a device allows the implementation of a wide range of high-performance nanofabrication applications and precise characterization techniques for visualization and analysis of manufactured nano-objects.

By combining all these techniques, a researcher gains enhanced possibilities of surface characterization and control over FIB milling processes as well as benefits from detailed 3D information about fabricated structures.

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