South Moravian Innovation Centre invests in NenoVision Company

We are glad and proud to annouce that JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre) decided to sign an agreement with NenoVision and invest into our growing business. From 11th April 2017 JIC has gained 2.5 percent in the NenoVision company and becomes one of the co-owners.

Jiż° Hudeüek a Jan Neuman 1

JIC explained reasons for the investment:

NenoVision is a great example of successful combination of academic know-how and enterpreneurial spirit. NenoVision participated in JIC ENTER entepreneurial programme and now receives direct investment of 2.5 percent.

JIC supports innovative businesses, the competitiveness of South Moravian companies and the creation of qualified jobs in the region. Its services are used by people with great ideas, quickly growing startups as well as established technology companies.

Now JIC believes that the nanotechnology market will grow and invests in the LiteScope – a device that connects a two-dimensional image from an electron microscope and a three-dimensional image from a atomic force microscope. With such accuracy and real-time coverage, no other device in the world knows how to do that. Seeing the depth and size of miniature samples is, for example, key to research on solar cells or microchips.


We believe that with the JIC partner our business will grow faster and we will become leader in the field.

Thank you JIC for your long term trust and support.