Atomic Force Microscope designed for easy integration into the Scanning Electron Microscopes. The combination of complementary AFM and SEM techniques enables you to use the advantages of both commonly used microscopy techniques.

LiteScope2 render

LiteScope package

LiteScope package consists of:

  • LiteScope – scan head
  • NenoBox – control unit
  • NenoView – control software
  • SEM adaptor
  • Vacuum feedthrough
  • Cabling

LiteScope - scan head

LiteScope is an AFM microscope designed for fast and easy integration within SEM instruments (operational as a standalone AFM as well).

  • Supports Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy technology (CPEM
  • Comprehensive surface characterization – topography, roughness, material electrical and mechanical properties
  • Compact design compatible with most SEM systems
  • Easy SEM mounting/removal in under five minutes
  • Compatible with FIB, GIS, EDX, and other accessories
  • Self-sensing probes without optical detection or laser adjustment
  • Highly customizable
    • Optional scanner configurations
    • Optional macro approach configuration
    • Versions for field-free or magnetic immersion SEMs available
    • Special accessories and modules

Nenobox - control unit

All electronics running LiteScope are integrated into one control unit, which replaces the need for an additional dedicated computer. This unit is a standard 19” rack and may easily be mounted on the free slot of SEM electronics or simply positioned free to match the needs of the task at hand.

  • Maximum PLL (phase-locked loop) frequency for dynamic measurements 75 kHz suitable for tuning fork-based probes (or higher using external PLL or to customer requirement)
  • 2×16-bit DAC per scan-axis to reach maximal resolution everywhere within the view field
  • 5×16 bit auxiliary inputs for simultaneous measurements of user signals (±10 V)
  • Input signals may be employed in a four-channel feedback-loop mixer
  • External probe excitation
  • Ethernet connection
  • The preamplifier is situated within the body of the LiteScope™, ensuring a significant reduction of electrical interference


NenoView - control software

NenoView is a user-friendly, web-based software, which allows us to fully control the set-up measurements, data acquisition, and data processing. NenoView supports CPEM technology and enables it to utilize correlative imaging directly and internally.

  • Web-based user interface
    • Remote access to user data
    • Remote experiment control via tablet, smartphone, etc. 
  • Easy for new users, flexible for experts
  • Saves the data with all the information including measurement setup
  • User accounts individually configurable
  • A download of data from control PC to local computer
  • Integrated data postprocessing, analyses, export ,etc.

In NenoView software, SEM and AFM channels can be selected, viewed, and recorded at the same time.