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Hospodářské noviny: Six exhibits awarded gold

The article describes all the gold medal winners and the categories in which they won their awards. Our microscope LiteScope came top in the category “Innovation Created in Cooperation between Business and Research Awards”. We were thrilled with the warm welcome given to this completely new CPEM method, offering the opportunity to directly correlate surface images taken using complementary SEM and AFM techniques.

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Technický týdeník: LiteScope takes gold medal at engineering fair

The article’s author describes the origins of the company NenoVision and its potential in the field of microscopy. LiteScope is described as a machine that extends the possibilities of electron microscope imaging and introduces a powerful new method for correlative imaging. The company has set its sights on becoming a standard part of kit for all electron microscopes.

The author cites an interview with CEITEC Director, Markus Dettenhover, who praises the success of our company. “Brno is a centre of electron microscopy. So VUT and consequently CEITEC VUT has historically been a very strong global player in the field of nanotechnology. It’s no surprise that our scientists made their first spin-off in the field of imaging and analyzing surfaces.“

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Hospodářské noviny: a comprehensive presentation

Our daily business newspaper Hospodarske noviny published an article about us entitled “Brněnský start-up NenoVision patents microscope with 3D imaging, manufacturers and Brussels take notice”.

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Prů news about the DACH FIP Workshop

Writer Milan Loucký mentions us on the website “Prů” as the first CEITEC spin-off company (company established for the purpose of commercializing research results) in an article about the DACH FIB Workshop. Loucký writes that the Brno event confirms the company’s leading position in the field of electron microscopy.

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Web introduces us as a start-up offering accessories for electron microscopes that extend their capabilities for 3D imaging with relief depth analysis of the sample. There is also short notice about our success in SME Instruments. The same report was also published on page 46 of the fourth issue of CHEMagazín.

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