LiteScope accessories

We offer all the necessary accessories for the LiteScope AFM-in-SEM to provide a complete kit for in-situ analysis of samples. Mount the scanning head to NenoCase to perform stand-alone AFM measurements out of the SEM chamber, with a option of combining it with a HD digital camera. There are different options for AFM-in-SEM correlative imaging! We can also provide stubs and other consumables.

NenoCase with camera

NenoCase + digital camera

NenoCase is a storage case that allows LiteScope to perform as a stand-alone device. It incorporates a passive anti-vibration system to ensure high-quality imaging outside the SEM chamber. NenoCase can be purged with different gases used for measurements under different atmospheres or in vacuum. Possible to deliver a whole set including high-resolution camera with stand.

stubs for LiteScope

Stubs & sample holders

LiteScope is compatible with most existing SEM stubs. Check with our team for the current availability.