Introduction webinar of the In-situ Microscopy Alliance

Introduction webinar of the In-situ Microscopy Alliance

Discover the In-situ Microscopy Alliance at our introduction webinar.

In-situ Microscopy Alliance (IMA) is a community of experts in electron microscopy and complementary analytical techniques with the goal of advancing technology and moving towards a sustainable future.

The Alliance was founded by four companies producing analytical equipment complementary to electron microscopy:

  • Alemnis AG (in-situ mechanical testing)
  • Imina Technologies SA (in-situ electrical nanoprobing)
  • NenoVision (in-situ AFM-related characterization)
  • point electronic GmbH (EM signal acquisition and processing)

In our first webinar, we have introduced the scope and objectives of IMA, and our scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Marc-Georg Willinger has shown a few examples of in-situ SEM analysis.

Are you interested in getting to know the alliance or do you have questions about combining SEM with other techniques? Watch the recording of our first webinar on our YouTube channel: IMA Webinar