a unique AFM-in-SEM tool for multimodal in-situ correlative sample analysis

Next level of imaging

Merge the power of AFM and SEM to explore the secrets of nanoworld

Benefits of AFM-in-SEM solution

Combining the strengths of Atomic force microscope and Scanning electron microscope opens a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to seamless integration and one click operations is possible to correlate various measurements in real time. 

Complex and correlative sample analysis

Unique CPEM technology enables complex sample characterisation via in-time correlation of different AFM and SEM channels.

In-situ sample characterization

In-situ conditions inside the SEM ensure sample analysis at the same time, in the same place and under the same conditions.

Precise localization of the region of interest

Extremely precise and timesaving approach uses SEM to navigate the AFM tip to the region of interest, enabling its fast & easy localization.

Unique technology for correlative imaging

Unique technology for correlative imaging

The Correlative Probe & Electron Microscopy (CPEM) is a cutting-edge technology developed specially for seamless integration of AFM and SEM.