Atomic Force Microscope designed for easy integration into the Scanning Electron Microscopes

✓  Explore the capabilities of true correlative microscopy.

✓  Merge the forces of SEM and AFM.


AFM-in-SEM LiteScope - compact accessory for your SEM

LiteScope in SEM_cut


Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy (CPEM)

The CPEM technology is the first solution on the market which enables you to simultaneously measure the AFM and SEM signals in the same place, at the same time while using the same coordination system.


Simple probe exchange

LiteScope offers easy and swift replacement of probes and samples. A significant advantage is also simple SEM mounting/dismounting in less than five minutes.


A wide range of imaging modes for SPM

LiteScope incorporates a wide range of SPM imaging modes, such as STM, cAFM, ncAFM, EFM, MFM, KPFM, and others which can be easily used by means of replaceable probes.

Main application fields

Material science

Material science

Characteristics of materials such as their structural, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic properties

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In-situ analysis of applications such as surface modification, failure analysis, and surface chemical analysis

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AFM-in-SEM approach in semiconductor manufacturing, failure analysis, research, and development.

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Life science

Life science

Measuring on biological samples at the nanoscale that are difficult or even impossible using separate imaging modalities.

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Prof. Wouter Metsola van der Wijngaart

We have greatly appreciated every aspect of our collaboration with NenoVision. The unique ability to utilize both SEM and AFM at the same time allowed to directly correlate the size and mechanical properties of silk nanowires.

Prof. Wouter Metsola van der WijngaartDeputy head of Department of Micro and Nanosystems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

prof. RNDr. Michal Otyepka, Ph.D.

We implement the AFM in SEM technology in the field of low dimensional materials research. The correlative AFM in SEM microscopy embodied in LiteScope opens up a brand new dimension of knowledge about these materialsproperties and their optimization.

prof. RNDr. Michal Otyepka, Ph.D.Vice-Director of the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Olomouc

Marco Cassani, Ph.D.

The extraordinary level of expertise and scientific knowledge that I found in NenoVision is fundamental for my project and the high quality of the imaging obtained with LiteScope has produced outstanding results so far. I hope to keep continuing my collaboration with NenoVision also in the future.

Marco Cassani, Ph.D.Researcher at the Cardiovascular System Mechanobiology Group, St. Ann's University Hospital Brno

RNDr. Antonín Fejfar, CSc.

LiteScope is a true extension of horizons in the field of material engineering and semiconductors. I appreciate the innovative approach of its creators who were not afraid to look at AFM technology from a different perspective. I am honored that our institute has a serial number 01.

RNDr. Antonín Fejfar, CSc.Deputy director of the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

prof. RNDr. Tomáš Šikola, CSc.

The unique idea of students has been transformed into a world patent LiteScope that has the chance to disturb the waters of nanoscience. It is pleasing to use the knowledge gained through this invention in international projects.

prof. RNDr. Tomáš Šikola, CSc.Research group Fabrication and Characterisation of Nanostructures coordinator, CEITEC BUT

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