NenoVision is introducing LiteScope 2.5

The solution for the next level of In-Situ Correlative Microscopy.

LiteScope AFM-in-SEM, unique tool for correlative in-situ analysis of microscopic samples


a unique AFM-in-SEM tool for multimodal in-situ correlative sample analysis

AFM LiteScope located in SEM visualisation

Next level of imaging

Merge the power of AFM and SEM to explore the secrets of nanoworld

Powders and Particles Application

Introducing our Powders and Particles research solution.

Introducing LiteScope 2.5.

This launch marks a milestone in the field of In-Situ Correlative Microscopy and has the potential to revolutionize the way you perform correlative analysis.

  • In-situ multimodal & correlative analysis
  • Optimized & time-efficient workflow
  • Ultimate performance inside SEM
  • Open-hardware design for easy customization 

The new generation of LiteScope AFM-in-SEM is built on the completely new state-of-the-art control unit NenoBox leveraging the performance and capabilities of the AFM-in-SEM to the new level.

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Benefits of AFM-in-SEM solution

Combining the strengths of Atomic force microscope and Scanning electron microscope opens a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to seamless integration and one click operations is possible to correlate various measurements in real time. 

See the unique benefits of the AFM-in-SEM solution, which assure you measurement results impossible to reach by separate AFM and SEM techniques. Check the biggest advantages of in-situ analysis by using them simultaneously!

Complex and correlative sample analysis
Correlative multimodal sample analysis

Cutting-edge CPEM technology allows the simultaneous acquisition of AFM and SEM data and their seamless correlation.

In-situ sample analysis icon
In-situ sample characterization

In-situ conditions inside the SEM ensure sample analysis at the same time, in the same place and under the same conditions.

Precise localization of the region of interest icon
Precise localization of the region of interest

Extremely precise and timesaving approach uses SEM to navigate the AFM tip to the region of interest, enabling its fast & easy localization.

Merge the forces of AFM and SEM


AFM-in-SEM offers a broad field of sample analysis. Simultaneous utilization of Scanning electron microscope and Atomic force microscope is indispensable for advanced 3D correlative analysis while reducing overal image acquisition time.

The easy & efficient workflow assures fast and quality measurement results. With the ultra-high resolution and unparalleled accuracy of image alignment, the versatility of LiteScope brings the new possibilities into variety of application areas:


We develop and produce AFM-in-SEM LiteScope, used for correlative and multimodal in-situ analysis of microscopic samples.

Learn about our unique AFM-in-SEM solution and its capabilites & modalities that can change the way you characterize the samples.

CPEM - unique technology for correlative imaging

Unique technology for correlative imaging

The Correlative Probe & Electron Microscopy (CPEM) is a cutting-edge technology developed specially for seamless integration of AFM and SEM.