LiteScope AFM-in-SEM 

Unique Atomic Force Microscope LiteScope is designed to merge the strengths of AFM and SEM techniques, resulting in effective workflow and extending the possibilities of correlative microscopy and in-situ analysis that ware difficult or almost impossible by conventional instrumentation.

  • In-situ multimodal & correlative analysis
  • Optimized & time-efficient workflow
  • Ultimate performance inside SEM
  • Open-hardware design for easy customization 

Benefits of AFM-in-SEM solution

Complex and correlative sample analysis
Complex and correlative sample analysis

Cutting-edge CPEM technology allows the simultaneous acquisition of AFM and SEM data and their seamless correlation.

In-situ sample characterization
In-situ sample characterization

In-situ conditions inside the SEM ensure sample analysis at the same time, in the same place and under the same conditions.

Precise localization of the region of interest
Precise localization of the region of interest

Extremely precise and timesaving approach uses SEM to navigate the AFM tip to the region of interest, enabling its fast & easy localization.

LiteScope AFM-in-SEM in SEM chamber

Novel method of correlative imaging

Complex, yet time-efficient analysis via Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy (CPEM) allows 3D correlative imaging that eliminates the need for repetitive tasks previously required to achieve similar kind of results.

All-in-one solution for automated in-situ analysis of multiple material properties enables unique combination of data such as topography, material contrast, mechanical or electrical properties resulting in three dimensional CPEM images.

Complex in-situ characterisation

AFM brings new inside-to-SEM method of characterisation, enabling the analysis of a broad range of properties:

Material mechanical properties

  • topography
  • local elastic properties (tapping & contact mode)
  • local sample hardness (non-topographic)
  • depth-dependent material characterization
  • various in-situ operations

Material magnetic properties

  • magnetic domain imaging

Material electro-mechanical properties

  • piezoelectric domain imaging

Material electrical properties

  • conductivity map (including insulated areas)
  • local surface potential
  • local electrical properties (non-topographic)
  • sub-nanometer topography

LiteScope benefits

High-end performance

Atomic Z axis resolution and prime bandwidth, frequencies and inputs pair with a strong AI computing power and internal lock-in. 

Easy & time-efficient workflow

Single-click operations eliminate repetitive tasks, meanwhile AI-driven topographic correction and automated probe tuning assure smooth and fast measurement flow. 

Simple to use correlative microscopy
Opened to hardware modifications

Open hardware concept of the DSP controller enables its modifications by customer. Together with improved connectiveness, it opens LiteScope to advanced non-standard experiments.

LiteScope setup

Installation package:

  • LiteScope – scan head
  • NenoBox – control unit
  • NenoView – control software
  • SEM adaptation plate
  • Vacuum feedthrough
  • Cabling
LiteScope AFM-in-SEM dimensions

LiteScope - scan head

LiteScope is an AFM designed for fast and easy integration within SEM (operational as a standalone AFM as well).

Supports Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy technology (CPEM).

  • Comprehensive surface characterization – material mechanical, magnetic, electro-mechanical and electric properties
  • Compact design compatible with most SEM systems
  • Easy SEM mounting or removal in less than five minutes
  • Compatible with FIB, GIS, EDX, and other accessories
  • Self-sensing probes without optical detection or laser adjustment
  • Special accessories and modules

Nenobox - control unit

NenoBox integrates all the electronics necessary for running LiteScope inside of your SEM. Thanks to this unit you can measure with all the available techniques which LiteScope offers, with no need for any external devices.

Whole NenoBox is based on the open-hardware concept, enabling its modifications by customers to enhance its versatility. It was developed in cooperation with our partners from the Czech Metrology Institute and based in their advanced GwyScope DSP controller. Thanks to this cooperation, we can offer full development support for all the curious scientists using LiteScope! 

NenoView software

NenoView - control software

Online-based NenoView software offers a wide range of features that assure time-efficient and easy work with LiteScope AFM-in-SEM:

  • Web-based interface with remote access to user data
  • Intuitive UI adaptable to customer’s needs
  • AI-driven topographic correction 
  • Method-based automated probe tuning 
  • Single-click operations eliminating repetitive tasks 
  • AFM and SEM multichannel data aquisition 
  • Schematics of device configuration 
  • Possibility of measurement control via inbuilt scripting features  Compatible with Gwyddion or MountainsSPIP software for further data postprocessing

Technical specification

Dimensions XYZ118 mm x 84 mm x 35.7-48.4 mmScan range in open loop XYZ (±10%)100 μm x 100 μm x 20 μm
Total weight460 gScan range in closed loop XYZ80 μm x 80 μm x 16 μm
Vacuum working range105 Pa to 10-5 PaResolution XYZ up to0.1 nm x 0.1 nm x 0.02 nm
Operating temperature+10 °C to +35 °CMaximum sample height8 mm
Maximal scanned sample area XYZ21 mm x 11 mm x 8 mmMaximum sample weight100 g