Self-sensing probes for LiteScope

In LiteScope AFM-in-SEM can be used various self-sensing probes for measuring with different AFM techniques. The available probes extend the possibilities of multimodal imaging to a wide range of measurement techniques that assure in-situ analysis of various sample properties.

Akyiama probe


The go-to probe for CPEM measurements thanks to its visible tip. Capable of measuring AFM topography and energy dissipation signal at the same time.

Measurement modes: Topography, Energy dissipation

NenoProbe magnetic

NenoProbe Magnetic

Magnetic-sensitive probe based on the Akiyama sensor, that can be used in SEM thanks to its visible tip. It uses the same probe holder as regular Akiyama.

Measurement modes: Topography, MFM

NenoProbe Conductive

NenoProbe Conductive

Our self-produced AFM probe with a conductive tip, capable of performing C-AFM, KPFM, PFM and I-V spectroscopy.

Measurement modes: C-AFM, KPFM, PFM, I-V spectroscopy


Piezo-resistive probes

AFM probe suitable for both dynamic and contact mode topography measurements and F-Z spectroscopy.

Measurement modes: Topography, F-z spectroscopy