Graphene on Silicon carbide

Graphene on silicon carbide – SiC

The graphene is a popular material in both academic and applied fields of research. In this case, the graphene was prepared by thermal decomposition of SiC. 

Using AFM-in-SEM it was possible to find the area of interest and to evaluate the thickness of the graphene layers. It was found that the graphene was formed mainly at the edges of the SiC terraces. This is an example of how AFM-in-SEM approach allows for fast and effective way to control and improve fabrication processes of 2D materials.

Measurement modes: Topography

LiteScope benefits:

  • Fast identification of the area of interest in the sample.
  • Combination of the SEM material contrast with AFM topographical assessment and monolayer resolution.
  • All in one measurement.

Courtesy of Martin Konečný, Brno University of Technology.