Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Twisted bilayer graphene (TBLG) is studied for its ability to create new tunable electronic behavior. The twist affects the size and shape of the bandgap, resulting in a periodic modulation of atomic structure visible as moire patterns in electrical properties. These structures are promising for use in sensors, photonic, and electronic devices.

We measured the electrical properties of graphene double layers on SiC. The diverse PFM and C-AFM contrast across the sample indicate that both twisted and untwisted graphene double layers are present. We focused on twisted parts where we observe the modulation as moire patterns with periodicity of 45nm.

Measurement modes: SEM, PFM, C-AFM

LiteScope benefits:

  • Time-efficient multimodal analysis with a single probe
  • Straightforward signals’ correlation within NenoView software
  • Repeatable localization to the specific flakes

Sample courtesy of Jan Kunc, Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ