LiteScope analyses austenitic steel in a new article

LiteScope analyses austenitic steel in a new article

The portfolio of LiteScope's measurements published in scientific articles is steadily growing. This time we'll browse the metallurgy field!

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The paper published in the Practical metallography journal (vol. 59, issue 11) by Julian Rozo Vasquez and his research colleagues from Technical University Dortmund shows the potential of AFM-in-SEM measurements in steel & alloys analysis. The article presents the characterization of the microstructure evolution during flow forming of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304L.

Due to plastic deformation of metastable austenitic steel, occurred phase transformation from γ-austenite into α’-martensite. This was initiated by the formation of shear bands as product of the external stresses. By means of coupled microscopic and micromagnetic investigations, a characterization of the microstructure was carried out. An important role played AFM-in-SEM LiteScope, that was used for in-situ topography analysis of the examined material.

The research contributes to the development of micromagnetic sensors to monitor the evolution of properties during flow forming. This makes them more suitable for closed-loop property control, which offers possibilities for an application-oriented and more efficient production.