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NenoVision Support Center is a place where you find all the materials that explain the benefits of LiteScope and correlative microscopy.


AFM-in-SEM analysis in Material Science

Recording of the webinar held on the 13th of September 2022. Get to know the unique benefits of the use of AFM-in-SEM instrumentation in the field of Material Science, learn what are the principal Material Science applications for AFM-in-SEM LiteScope, and find out what material properties can be analysed with AFM-in-SEM LiteScope

AI in correlative AFM-in-SEM microscopy

Recording of the webinar held on the 13th of July 2022. Learn about the perspectives of machine learning in microscopy (segmentation, noise elimination etc.) and get familiar with CPEM Plus, an AI-driven tool for automatic correlation of AFM and SEM images, and its examples. You can also see the possibilities of implementing new machine learning algorithms in NenoView, an open software developed for controlling correlative measurements

AFM-in-SEM: In-situ analysis of mechanical, eletrical & magnetic properties

Recording of the webinar held on the 7th of April 2022. Watching the webinar, you will get to know how to measure in-situ mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties by AFM-in-SEM LiteScope. You can also learn about the applications of advanced in-situ AFM techniques in the field of Material Science, Semiconductors, Battery research and Life Science, and better understand principles of functioning of advanced AFM modes like C-AFM, KPFM, MFM or nanoindentation

AFM-in-SEM: Future of correlative analysis

Learn about the news from the world of in-situ correlative microscopy. The webinar was held on the 16th of February 2022. Jan Neuman, CEO & Co-founder of NenoVision, and Veronika Hegrová, the company's Head Application Specialist, presented the principal benefits of AFM-in-SEM solution, the CPEM, a novel technology of in-situ correlative imaging, and the unique applications of LiteScope together with its principal application fields.

Advanced techniques in correlative AFM-in-SEM measurements

Learn more about MFM, KPFM and C-AFM measurements in AFM-in-SEM with a webinar that took place on the 2nd of September 2021. In the first part, the Head application engineer of NenoVision, Veronika Hegrová, spoke about Magnetic and electric techniques in correlative AFM-in-SEM measurements made by LiteScope™, the second part, given by Radek Dao, Application engineer of NenoVision, consists of practical measurement demonstration. 

3 in 1: Nanoindentation in correlative AFM in SEM measurements

In cooperation with our dear partners from Alemnis we are prepared another webinar this time with opportunity of releasing new nanoindentation module for our AFM-in-SEM LiteScope. It took place on the 20th of May 2021 and the speakers were our Head application specialist Veronika Hegrová and our dear friend and partner Nicholas Randall, vice-presindent of the Alemnis company. Enjoy its recording!

Correlative AFM in SEM image & data processing

In cooperation with our dear partners from Digital Surf we are prepared a free online workshop, which took place on the 30th of March. In the first part, CEO of NenoVision Jan Neuman speaks about complex data acquisition by unique AFM for SEM LiteScope™, the second part given by Arnaud Viot is focused on processing of acquired data sets using MountainsSPIP® software.

Webinar LiteScope 2.0 & Correlative microscopy AFM in SEM

At the occasion of the release of LiteScope 2.0, we organized a webinar dedicated to its principal and unique feature, correlative AFM in SEM microscopy. During the webinar guided you our CEO Jan Neuman, who presented the second generation of our LiteScope, its unique applications and also crucial benefits and advantages of the innovative technology which represents.

Webinar Series on Correlative AFM in SEM

✓   Watch the video records of our webinars and explore the key features of LiteScope, its application areas, and measurement modes.
✓   You will gain a comprehensive overview of the advantages that LiteScope brings to correlative AFM in SEM measurements.

NenoVision Webinar Series: Measuring tutorial with LiteScope

Would you like to find out how easy it is to operate with our LiteScope? See for yourself how the measuring workflow looks like all the way from integration into the SEM chamber to AFM and SEM data correlation in NenoView software.

NenoVision Webinar Series: Advantages of combining AFM with FIB-SEM systems

Merging LiteScope with FIB-SEM systems allows not only for evaluation and control of the FIB nanofabrication process but also enables its optimization. Researchers gain enhanced possibilities of surface characterization and control over FIB milling processes. See how to modify the sample surface and measure it immediately by AFM in in-situ conditions.

NenoVision Webinar Series: Applications for 2D materials

2D nanomaterials are very promising for many applications but their production faces some challenges and the analysis of such structures can be challenging due to the size, thickness, and poor SEM contrast of the thin layers. Watch our webinar and see how LiteScope helps to overcome these difficulties.

NenoVision Webinar Series: CPEM technology – next step in correlative imaging

What is the next level of correlative imaging? Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy (CPEM) enables you to simultaneously acquire various AFM and SEM signals covering surface topography, mechanical properties, SE, BSE, and other SEM images. All images are directly correlated with exceptional precision. Watch this webinar record and explore how CPEM technology works.

NenoVision Webinar Series: LiteScope overview - Merge the forces of AFM and SEM

The need to analyze and characterize objects from micro to nanoscale is fastly growing. SEM and AFM techniques are the most common with an extensive user pool. Therefore we have developed LiteScope™ which is a unique atomic force microscope (AFM) designed for fast and easy integration into scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). In-situ AFM-in-SEM measurement opens new possibilities and enables to combine advantages of both techniques. In this webinar, you will learn the main features of LiteScope and see for yourself how easy it is to be operated.