Register for our webinar on AFM-in-SEM correlative analysis

Register for our webinar on AFM-in-SEM correlative analysis

We would like to invite you for the upcoming webinar focused on news from the area of AFM-in-SEM correlative imaging. It will take place on Wednesday, 16th of February 2022, at 15:00 UTM (please, check your time zone). Register via link below.

Register for the webinar

The speakers will be our CEO & Co-founder Jan Neuman and our Head Application Specialist Veronika Hegrová. What will you learn at the webinar?

  • Discover the principal benefits of AFM-in-SEM solution: complex and correlative analysis, in-situ sample characterization and precise localization of the region of interest.
  • Get to know LiteScope, a cutting-edge AFM designed for integration into SEMs.
  • Explore the unique applications of LiteScope and its principal application fields (Material Science, Semiconductors, Battery research, Life Science, etc.).
  • Learn about CPEM, a novel technology of in-situ correlative imaging.

We will be looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, 16th of February!