Register for the "AFM-in-SEM LiteScope 2.5: Redefining In-Situ Correlative Analyses" webinar

Register for the "AFM-in-SEM LiteScope 2.5: Redefining In-Situ Correlative Analyses" webinar

We are glad to invite you to an upcoming webinar that will be held on the 26th of April at 14:00 UTC (i.e., 16:00 CEST, please, check your time zone) via Microsoft Teams live streaming.

Register for the webinar

What will you learn at the webinar?

  • Introduction to AFM-in-SEM and In-Situ Correlative Microscopy - Learn about the benefits and applications of AFM-in-SEM for in-situ correlative microscopy in materials science, life science, and other research fields.
  • Discover key Innovations and features of LiteScope 2.5 - Explore its advanced features, exceptional performance, and optimized workflows that enable in-situ correlative microscopy studies to reach new limits.
  • Open Hardware/Software Philosophy - Learn about the benefits of an Open hardware/software philosophy and how it can help you achieve your research goals. Get insight into the Open Hardware GwyScope and its potential to support your research innovation using AFM-in-SEM technology.

The webinar speakers will be:

Jan Neuman, CEO and co-founder of NenoVision, will present insights into the LiteScope 2.5.

Petr Klapetek, group leader at the Czech Metrology Institute in Brno, Czech Republic. He is well known in the community as a co-author of the Open Source Software Gwyddion and an expert in nanometrology. He will discuss the Open Hardware/Software philosophy and the new project GwyScope. 

The expected duration is about 45 minutes. The invitations with the link to live streaming will be sent after the registration. The webinar is entirely free.