Scalable Production of Monodisperse Bioactive Spider Silk Nanowires

Scalable Production of Monodisperse Bioactive Spider Silk Nanowires

The article presents new research results focused on the problem od drug delivery, specifically on the production methods for protein structures.

Protein-based elongated micro- and nanostructures that have a lot of potential for various biomedical applications, as surface functionalization and carriers for drug delivery. Currently, the production of proteins can't be controlled regarding its shape and dimensions, or on the other side can leave these structures fixed to substrates.

LiteScope AFM-in-SEM had the crucial role in the analysis of mechanical properties of spider silk nanowires suspended between nanopillars. They were characterized using three-point bending. The principal goal of LiteScope measurements was to image the shape of the released nanowires on alumina filters. The individual wires were located with help of the SEM. The stage was tilted 45° to improve the visibility and to approach precisely the nanowire.

In summary, the research introduces an automated and scalable approach for producing a concentrated solution of monodisperse spider silk nanowires. The resulting technique is useful for a broad range of applications in the field of medical research and pharma.

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