Technical Specification

LiteScope™ is fully operated SPM microscope, which allows you to get detailed characteristic of the sample up to the nanoscale. Can be used as a stand-alone microscope, however its biggest advantage is provided in combination with electron beam. It is mostly used in high vacuum, but may be adopted also for the ultra high vacuum conditions on request. LiteScope™ is placed on the stage of the SEM/FIB microscope, therefore it is possible to do common movements according to user´s preferences. LiteScope™ is able to measure by SPM probe in tilted position, for example using FIB methods. In this case the user will appreciate the docking option when the all SPM probe is hidden in the body of LiteScope™ and the sample is the highest element.

The mechanical design respects all essential construction requirements (stiffness and appropriate resonance frequency) to achieve highly stable framework and reliable results with very low level of mechanical vibrations.

Design highlights

  • Low profile and small size enables integration with SEM/FIB instruments
  • Easy integration procedure - mounting on the SEM/FIB manipulator
  • Universal probe holder suitable for several SPM methods and easy “Plug & Play” assembling
  • Sample inclination up to 60°
  • Optimized mechanical design regarding low vibration level (stiffness and appropriate resonance frequency), integrated preamplifier (to eliminate the signal distortion/noise as much as possible)

LiteScope™ Overview

  • Total weight: 1 kg
  • Vacuum working range: 105 to 10-5 Pa
  • Scan range X, Y, Z: 100 × 100 × 100 μm
  • Maximum sample size: 10 × 10 mm
  • Maximum sample height: 8 mm
  • Sample Resolution: up to 0.4 nm


All electronics controlling the LiteScope™ is integrated and suited into one control unit. This unit is standard 19" rack and it can be easily mounted to the free slot of SEM electronics or just free positioning matching your actual needs.

The preamplifier is placed in the body of the LiteScope™. This formation ensure significant reduction the electrical noise. Scanning and motion are provided by piezo actuators for accurate movements. Standard LiteScope™ configuration enables performing of various measuring procedures (see the table with applications) with resonance frequency up to 75 kHz. On customer request up to 1 MHz.


  • Maximal frequency of PLL for dynamic measurements 75 kHz suitable for tuning for based probes (or higher using external PLL or request)
  • 2× 16 bit DAC per scan axis (scan range, offset) to reach maximal resolution everywhere within the view field
  • 6× 16 bit auxiliary inputs for simultaneous measurements of user signals (±10 V)
  • Input channels could be used in feedback-loop mixer
  • Probe signal output/monitor
  • External probe excitation
  • All necessary connections for using external PLL
  • Ethernet connection to the control PC
  • 110 VAC / 230 VAC operation, 200 W

Software NenoView

NenoView is really user friendly interface, which is designed to allow the user easy orientation and the same time to helped to get complex processing of data obtained during the measurements. NenoView allows save data with information about all initial conditions and this feature is very helpful for later analysis. With NenoView user can set up all advanced option SPM measurement, edit user interface, settings and save user customized profile. Just login and continue in the previous work. NenoView support the CPEM technology and enable to utilize correlative imaging directly within the software.


  • Web based user interface
  • Easy for new users, flexible for experts
  • User accounts
    • Every user has an account
    • Accounts individually configurable – layout, parameters, complexity,…
  • Remote access to the user data, download of data from control PC to the local computer
  • Remote experiment control via e.g. tablet, smartphone
  • Integrated data postprocessing, analyses, export,…