AlScN ceramic film analysis

AlScN ceramic film

Aluminium scandium-nitride is one of the most promising new materials to replace conventional aluminium nitride (AlN) in radio frequency (RF) filter applications inside mobile phones. The Sc element increases the piezoelectric coefficient enabling a more efficient mechanical-to-electric energy conversion and better performance of the RF devices. 

Therefore, the multimodal analysis of materials' piezoelectric domain structure using AFM, SEM and PFM techniques are required for their production process and quality control. To add text about localisation to the ROI and in-situ as a benefit.

Measurement modes: Topography, PFM

LiteScope benefits:

  • map of the desired electro-mechanical sample properties 
  • the correlated image of AFM topography with PFM amplitude shows the magnitude of surface oscilation of the sample, while the AFM topography correlated with PFM phase shows the shift between the excitation and response signal.  
  • the ideal spot for the measurement can be found using SEM to navigate the AFM tip.  

Sample courtesy of Sydney Cohen from Weizmann Institute