Mo2C multilayer flakes on copper

Mo2C multilayer flakes on copper

Mo2C flakes were deposited using CVD technology over the copper surface. The Mo2C is a unique material with superior mechanical performance and thus requires the complex analysis. 

Our AFM-in-SEM solution provided a multimodal characterization including evaluation of flakes thickness, topography, mechanical properties and chemical analysis. These results can be used in the improvement of the fabrication process of 2D flakes and their quality control.

Measurement modes: Energy dissipationTopography

LiteScope benefits:

  • CPEM: nm-precise AFM and SEM correlation
  • AFM: topography and mechanical properties
  • SEM-EDX: fast nanostructure localization and elemental analysis

Sample courtesy of Zdeněk Sofer, VŠCHT & Ehrenfried Zschech, Fraunhofer IKTS