W-Cr-Hf composite analysis

Tungsten-chromium-hafnium composite

W-10Cr-1Hf composite is a prospective material for fusion reactor. Precise defect analysis of materials has a significant effect on their performance and lifetime. 

Using combination of AFM-in-SEM it was possible to distinguish all microstructural features, e.g. areas marked with a red color seemed to be pores in SEM, but in fact these spots were Hf inclusion between W- and Cr-grains. Therefore complex multi-modal in-situ characterization is needed for a better understanding of the materials’ structure.

Measurement modes: Topography, Nanoindentation

LiteScope benefits: 

  • Complex in-situ analysis (AFM, SEM, nanoindentation) of microstructure (features and defects) and mechanical properties 
  • Correlation of multiple channels (AFM + SE + BSE) from the same ROI

Sample courtesy of Monika Vilémová, Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences.