Conductivity analysis of Si nanopillars 

Silicon-based nanopillars are of high interest in photovoltaics, biosensing and many other applications where their conductivity plays an important role. As an example, a cross-section of a nanopillar array with variable conductivity was investigated by AFM, C-AFM and SEM. 

The SEM helped easily find the region of interest of nanopillars with further study of their electrical conductivity properties by means of the C-AFM technique. 

Measurement modes: C-AFM, Topography

LiteScope benefits:

  • easy structure localisation and tip navigation 
  • multimodal analysis utilising SEM, C-AFM, and AFM techniques providing local current mapping, electronic defects, and electric properties in dependence on the surface morphology

Sample courtesy of Jan Kristen Prüßing, University of Münster