FIB polishing of CdTe

FIB polishing of CdTe

Cadmium Telluride composite material was milled by a focused ion beam (FIB) using different ion doses. Using the LiteScope inside the SEM chamber, we could easily localise to the region of interest and in-situ investigate each area separately, resulting in a roughness-ion dose relation. 

This surface analysis was done in-situ right after the FIB milling without chamber evacuation. As a result, it became possible to find the optimal parameters of polishing CdTe material and to do a surface quality control to keep desired surface roughness.

Measurement modes: Topography

LiteScope benefits: 

  • fast and easy ROI identification
  • in-situ conditions: combined AFM and SEM analysis of sensitive sample
  • depth and height profiling with sub-nm precision

Sample courtesy of Veronika Hegrová, CEITEC