Defect analysis​ of a CMOS-type chip

Defect analysis​ of a CMOS-type chip

Precise analysis of defects is crucial in the production and characterisation of semiconductorsmultimodal analysis on a nanoscale. Therefore, in-situ multimodal analysis on a nanoscale level is of high interest. 

For example, polished tungsten plugs in a cross-section of CMOS-type chips were simultaneously analysed by AFM, SEM and KPFM techniques. The measurement showed that the contact potential of the pins alternates between two values.

Measurement modes: KPFM, Topography

LiteScope benefits:

  • correlated AFM, KPFM and SEM analysis 
  • easy localisation to the region of interest 
  • essential for fabrication and functionality of semiconductor structures 

Sample courtesy of Michael Walther, X-FAB