WSe2 flakes on nanopillars

WSe2 flakes on nanopillars

WSe2 is a semiconductor material with potential applications in solar cells and optoelectronic devices. During analysis using SEM and AFM separately, there were several difficulties in complex analysis and navigation to the region of interest (ROI) without damaging the sample/probe. 

Therefore, the combination of AFM and SEM enabled us to quickly find the ROI with a subsequent detailed study of the surface topography and evaluation of the flake's thicknesses conducted by LiteScope AFM avoiding damaging the probe/sample nanopillars.

Measurement modes: Topography

LiteScope benefits:

  • fast and safe navigation using SEM without damaging the probe/sample 
  • complex and simultaneous analysis utilizing SEM, FIB, AFM and KPFM techniques

Sample courtesy of Veronika Hegrová, NenoVision