Thin film magnetic nanopatterning

Thin film magnetic nanopatterning

The thin film of the metastable Fe78Ni22 was irradiated by a focused ion beam (FIB) to selectively change its magnetic properties. Subsequently, the LiteScope provided AFM and MFM study combined with SEM contrast image.

The measurement revealed that newly formed magnetic domains possessed in-plane magnetisation and were almost invisible in topography. Therefore, the AFM-in-SEM combination enabled easy and fast localisation of the region of interest and in-situ complex analysis avoiding oxidation of the sample surface.

Measurement modes: MFM, Topography

LiteScope enables:

  • FIB induced transformation of a sensitive sample   
  • complex in-situ characterisation by AFM and SEM   
  • immediate and precise ROI identification

Sample courtesy of Lukáš Flajšman and Jakub Holobrádek, CEITEC