NenoProbe magnetic released

NenoProbe magnetic released

We're adding to our portfolio a new probe developed for measuring magnetic properties of samples (MFM), based on the well-known Akyiama probe.

We are pleased to announce you that our researchers have completed development of a new probe for measurements of magnetic properties of samples (MFM). NenoProbe magnetic is a modification of the trusty Akiyama probe. Equipped with a magnetic tip, the probe is capable of imaging magnetic domain structures on the sample surface. The Akiyama probe base ensures good tip visibility, facilitating its easy navigation, and enables to perform correlated measurements.

Its principal strength is the possibility of in-situ analysis of magnetic properties of samples, extending comprehensive in-situ conditions of SEM analysis. Moreover, the analysis of magnetic properties with NenoProbe magnetic on LiteScope forms a part of complex sample characterization, correlating different types of simultaneously acquired data, like magnetic, electric, chemical and mechanical properties, topography, etc.

Precise navigation of MFM probe to the region of interest also enables to study magnetic material properties at specific areas, using SEM for time-efficient navigation and consequent high-resolution magnetic property analysis using MFM technique.

On the right you can see an example of a correlative measurement of magnetic properties and topography of a HDD sample. In the topography image (in the left part of the video) are clearly visible grooves on the HDD platter, while in the magnetic properties image (in the right part) are visible stripes formed by magnetic bits written in the platter.