Life science

Measurements on biological samples at the nanoscale that are difficult or even impossible using separate imaging modalities

Multimodal characterization of cells conjugated with nanoparticles

Modulating the mechanobiology of cells can help to control targeting cancer vs. normal cells for effective cancer treatment. Modulated cells express a different particle internalization rate, which could be proved by measuring changes in the cell's membrane stiffness. For that reason, a cell line isolated from pleural effusion metastasis of breast cancer was conjugated with hyaluronic acid nanoparticles and the LiteScope was used to analyze topography and stiffness of the modulated cells.

LiteScope benefits:

  • Fast and accurate localization of the region of interest by SEM, a single cell conjugated with nanoparticles.
  • Thorough characterization includes topographical measurement, 3D profiling, and mechanical properties evaluation.
Sample courtesy: Marco Cassani, ICRC-FNUSA, Czechia

Study of mesenchymal stem cells on collagen scaffold

Understanding the cell-scaffold interactions, its relation to cell morphology, and developing an efficient delivery system for growth factors and other biomolecules to control the signaling between the cells and the scaffold are fundamental issues in a wide range of tissue engineering research fields.

Herein, the AFM-in SEM approach made possible to carry out 3D topography analysis of adherent cells only due to precise AFM tip navigation by SEM without damaging the AFM probe in the pores of the stained scaffold.

LiteScope benefits:

  • Fast localization of region of interest and precise AFM tip navigation on the complex substrate.
  • CPEM: Detailed topography analysis, merged with material contrast, showing 3D cell interaction with the scaffold under various conditions.
 Sample courtesy: Lucy Vojtova, CEITEC BUT, Czechia

Topography analysis of diatom shells

Diatoms are unicellular microalgae found in water and soil around the world. Diatoms, and their shells as diatomite or diatomaceous earth, are important industrial resources used for fine polishing, liquid filtration, forensic purposes, or nanotechnology.

LiteScope benefits:

  • Fast localization of individual diatom shells and precise AFM tip navigation using SEM.
  • Accurate AFM topography analysis without damaging the AFM tip.
Sample courtesy: VSB Technical University of Ostrava, Czechia