LiteScope 2.0 was released! Register to our webinar to learn more

An upgraded version of our unique AFM for SEM has been launched. Find out more details about the new LiteScope in the webinar dedicated to the AFM in SEM Correlative Microscopy. 

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After more than one year of intensive and adventurous development, we are proud to announce you the release of a new version of LiteScope. The second generation of our unique Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) designed for integration into Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) was upgraded nearly in every aspect, compared to its predecessor. First, its reduced dimensions make it suitable for integration into even more SEMs. Second, its overall better performance makes the measurements even faster and assures higher final resolution of sample images.

Related to its first version, release of LiteScope 2.0 means an upgrade in all ways. You can check a new product brochure, where you can find all the necessary details, including actualized overview of LiteScope's benefits and features, its principal fields of application and especially examples of unique applications of our AFM for SEM. Or browse its technical specification, where you can find all the necessary technical info.