Nanoindentation module for LiteScope 2.0 available

As a dedicated tool for quantitative analysis of materials, new nanoindentation module for our AFM for SEMs makes possible acquisition of even more data during a single measurement.



3 in 1 for material characterization, the new nanoindenter enhances even more the possibilities of sample measurement by LiteScope. Developed by Alemnis company, represents a way new and unique option for in-situ correlative analysis of materials. Check its features and benefits in the list of LiteScope accessories, and also its product list and nanoindentation application note!

The whole device can by attached and detached at any time, offering the choice between regular corelated AFM + SEM measurements or a unique combination of nanoindenter and AFM both in SEM. This combination offers precise control over the experiment, real-time observation of the indentation and detailed AFM analysis of the indented area both before and after the indentation. This lab-on-the-tip approach reduces time spent on transferring the sample between devices and relocating the region of interest.