NenoVision article published in Microscopy Today Volume 28 Issue 3

Read our new scientific paper called AFM-in-SEM as a Tool for Comprehensive Sample Surface Analysis and explore the unique features of LiteScope™ and advanced Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy (CPEM™).


The need to characterize and analyze structures in the (sub)nanometer range is growing. The complexity of such measurements across various instruments creates a demand for advanced correlative analysis, and easy-to-use instrumentation and automated procedures are of great interest.

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) are two of the most used techniques for sample nanoscale analysis. Therefore we have developed a unique AFM, the LiteScope™, designed for integration into the SEM.

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Read the whole article and explore the benefits of AFM-in-SEM: AFM-in-SEM as a Tool for Comprehensive Sample Surface Analysis