What was the DACH-FIB Workshop 2016 like?

The DACH-FIB workshop is behind us. We introduced the brand new technology CPEM, LiteScope™ microscope and made many useful contacts.

The DACH-FIB workshop is an important scientific conference for academics and high-tech companies specializing in the area of electron microscopes. This year’s 11th conference edition took place in Brno, Czech Republic for the very first time and our company could be part of this prestigious event.


We used the opportunity to present the advantages of our technology and to meet all important international manufacturers of microscopes and other potential partners. We have received an immediate positive feedback which resulted to several follow-on negotiations regarding eventual collaboration. This great result encourages us to proceed in our activities and we are already now looking forward to the next year to present further achievements of our company.

NenoVision LiteScope Dach-FIB 6